October Event

Yesterday we gave away more than 1,000 samples of our products: Classic brownie ("The 400", "The 600" and "The 800", chocolate chip cookies and of course the amazing Brownkies).

It was a perfect day, with sunny skies, mild temperature, and a crowd of chocolate lovers. We played the videos of The Resistance Bakery on the big screen, we prepared a beautiful table full of samples, decorated the facade with balloons with our corporate colors and so much more... we wanted to offer a full The Resistance experience.

This event was a very important date for us, we obviously need feedback from our future customers and so we prepared our first street tasting event with care and dedication.

The first person to stop by told me she didn't really care for chocolate and after enticing her to just try some, she told me, first with her expression, then with her words, that she really like the brownie she just ate, she said she was pleasantly surprised.

But probably the verdict came around 14:00, and it came from a young American girl who, after eating a sample of the classic "The 800" brownie said, "Feels like home". Greatest compliment ever!

All those wow's and mmm's made us really really happy, but they also certify that we are producing probably the world's best classic American baked products. The public loved every bite of our brownies and cookies, but we also loved every person that stopped, asked us questions and tried our baking goods... It was a beautiful kickstart event for The Resistance Bakery.

A special thanks goes to The Very Little Agency (our marketing agency) who lent us their shop at the Maastrichter Smedenstraat 5 (Maastricht), prepared videos, designed flyers and designed the full marketing experience for the event.

For those who passed by on Sunday thank you very much, but for those who couldn't: stay tuned as we want to celebrate more events like yesterday's.