We bring you homemade and hand baked products. We bake a limited number of products each day, but put a lot of love and care into those products. We try to recapture the days when all baked goods came out of the home oven rather than out of a box or store package. In this way, we try to resist the easy way, and prefer to take the time to produce a quality product. Our products are not mass produced nor do we use any added chemicals or preservatives. Each order is treated is being unique and particular for that individual. Our recipes have survived the test of time. They were delicious then, and they are delicious now. Our hope is that you resist buying brownies, cookies, etc. from the supermarket or even making these products from a box. We will take the time to make you a “real” homemade brownie from scratch using the best quality ingredients. Once you have tried our products, we are sure you will see and taste the difference and never go back.
We use the ancient grain spelt grain. This grain is at least 9,000 years old and is very resistant to various diseases and adverse conditions that affect many other grains. The gluten index of spelt is lower than in many other grains; hence, it is easier to digest.

Many women my age probably share the same or similar story I am about to tell. I was born in the era where mothers stayed at home while fathers went to work. Being an only child, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be with my mother in the kitchen and to watch her cook and bake some fantastic dishes. If I can say, my mother’s strong point was definitely her baking skills. She just seemed so naturally good at it without even trying. I would ask he how she knew how to make all these wonderful creations, and she would simply say, ”I watched my mother.” I decided I wanted to learn. Part of the motivation was, of course, related to my love of food. My mother’s mother was born in the Ukraine then moved to Canada at an opportune moment. She moved to a new and foreign land, but she brought with her great baking and cooking skills. These various recipes were part of her core being, her culture and tradition which she maintained throughout her life. The chain begins with her as to why I am who I am, particularly in the kitchen, baking and cooking family recipes. More important than the recipes passed on was the feeling of love and togetherness family members felt in sharing those dishes.
Watching my mother create various cakes, cookies, fruitcake and pies was so much fun and represented a joyful and warm time spent with her. I remember with great pride the fantastic cheesecake my mother would make. Friends, neighbors, and relatives would wait with anticipation to get a piece of HER cheesecake topped with wonderful locally grown blueberries. She had the magic touch.
I regret that my time with my mother was limited as she died just after I had left for university. Our last time together in the kitchen was during my high school years. As I look back now, I realize and appreciate those years I had with her and all the skills and love of baking she passed on to me.
I was never able to have children of my own, but I guess I still feel a need to share my recipes in a more global sense. I have, over the years, not only maintained my mother’s recipes, but have developed my own through a lot of experimentation and modification through living in different countries in the world. These have now become “mine” and I would like these to persist and resist the test of time.
I feel truly lucky to have had some very inspirational women in my life: my grandmother, my mother, my aunts, cousins, etc. They all influenced me and developed my love of baking and creating various dishes. To this day, I still get an occasional recipe from my 90-plus year old aunt who is still active and remarkable. My male cousin also finds the time to send me some wonderful recipes to try. Though we are thousands of miles apart, food and baking binds us together.

I know that my grandmother and mother worked tirelessly in the kitchen to produce some fantastic creations. They seemed to be so happy to see everyone enjoying their creations. I think that this is the satisfaction I feel when baking my products. I love to hear the sounds of joy people make when biting into my brownies, cookies, cakes and pies. We hope you have the same feeling of joy and satisfaction when trying our products. Thank you for joining the resistance.
To bring you the homemade, personal baking experience, we have limited our production to five brownie blocks per day (5 “800”s and 5 “400”s) plus 6 dozen cookies. We believe that quality is more important than quantity.