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This is a freshly baked 8 by 8 inch state-of-the-art brownie. Eight hundred grams of the most dense chocolate dough wrapped in its genuine shiny crackled crust. This 800 is a unique bakery jewel carefully made following a three-generation family recipe.

It is a classic 8”x8” (or 20cm x 20cm) brownie block. The brownie is delivered to you in its right-out-of-the-oven block form, un-cut. We leave it to you as to how many pieces you will want to cut it into. The key difference between our brownies and others lies especially in the fact that we use organic or bio spelt flour. The first thing you notice is the weight, over 800 grams. 800 grams of rich chocolate!

60,00 €
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Chocolate, sugar, eggs, cacao powder, flour (spelt), butter, salt
How to store: 
Our products can be stored and frozen in airtight containers, but for optimum taste, we do recommend eating, our cookies especially, upon delivery.